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Dictionary ADT

Dictionary (map, association list) is a data structure, which is generally an association of unique keys with some values. One may bind a value to a key, delete a key (and naturally an associated value) and lookup for a value by the key. Values are not required to be unique. Simple usage example is an explanatory dictionary. In the example, words are keys and explanations are values.

Dictionary ADT


  • Dictionary create()
    creates empty dictionary

  • boolean isEmpty(Dictionary d)
    tells whether the dictionary d is empty

  • put(Dictionary d, Key k, Value v)
    associates key k with a value v;
    if key k already presents in the dictionary
    old value is replaced by v

  • Value get(Dictionary d, Key k)
    returns a value, associated with key k
    or null, if dictionary contains no such key

  • remove(Dictionary d, Key k)
    removes key k and associated value

  • destroy(Dictionary d)
    destroys dictionary d


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